quarta-feira, 28 de março de 2012

Bem feito

Se você quer bem feito, faça você mesmo!
Acho que todos já ouvimos essa frase em algum momento da vida não??? Pooois eu encontrei uns sites de DIY bem bacanudos com explicações e idéias muito legais para colocarmos nossa criatividade a vapor!!!
Mãos á obra.....
                         Welcome to Stripe City: The global destination for horizontal, linear, and colorful eye-candy.  This perfect storm combines unexpected and breezy bold stripes with the hues we are seeing all over the runways.  Prada is clearly the front runner with their SS11 collections.  Prada’s designs use a bevy of bold colors donned on dresses, handbags, and shoes.  Their palette of bright orange, pink, black and white is flawless.  My good friend, style innovator, Andrew Mukamal, and I dreamed up the ultimate ipad clutch inspired by this seasons must have color combo.  It’s perfect for our on-the-go adventures and also works as a non-tech accessories, to tote around town.
To create a version of your own, reach for a durable kitchen drawn liner, heavy duty, colorful tapes (Duck, Gorilla, and Gaffers are my favorites), Velcro and scissors.  Measure (by wrapping your ipad around), and cut to size.  Fold bottom half up, and tape all around to seal and secure.  Continue to tape and smooth away any lumps and air bubbles. Stick pieces of velcro as the clasp and your clutch is complete!  Get creative with your patterns and colors.  Yell it from your pipes: I love STRIPES!

                            The “Art of the Trench” is a beautiful thing.  The trench  coat is quite possibly one of the most classic staples that everyone  should own.  My friends, Hillary and Katherine of  WHO WHAT WEAR, who have a new j’amazing book, “WHAT TO WEAR, WHERE”, agree that one of the most coveted pieces this spring hails from BURBERRY.   Designer, Christopher Bailey, added a new spin on the iconic trench  coat, giving us goosebumps with metallic accents to embellish.  Severe  and sexy spikes are certainly a Spring trend to steal (say that tongue  twister!)
Get inspired by Burberry, and create  your own version.  Reach for lots of chopsticks (use anywhere from  50-100 pairs or more if you crave more spike-age).  Using a handsaw  (carefully) and cut down chopsticks tops.  If you don’t feel comfortable  with a saw, try heavy duty clippers.  In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the spikes, gold.  Wait till dry, flip over- and spray to cover.  Use  chalk to outline where the spikes will go.  Use droplets of hot glue on  the bottoms of the spikes, place down- and hold for a few seconds till  they set.  Remove any straggly glue hair strands, let dry- and rock it!



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